The Different Styles Of Online Sabong

Sabong is Cockfighting in the Philippines. It is a popular source of entertainment and gambling. There are many different styles of online sabong, each with their own set of rules. Here is a breakdown of the different styles of online sabong at s888.

Classical Cockfighting

The Classical style is the most popular form of online sabong. It is also the most regulated, with rules and regulations set by the Philippine Gamefowl Commission. This style features two cocks fighting in an arena called a cockpit. The cockfight usually lasts for three rounds, with each round lasting about three minutes. The winner is determined by either knockout or the decision of the judges.

Derby Cockfighting

Derby cockfighting is similar to Classical cockfighting, but there are some key differences. Firstly, Derby cockfights usually only last for two rounds, as opposed to three. Secondly, instead of being regulated by the Philippine Gamefowl Commission, Derby cockfights are typically organized by private individuals or groups. Finally, while Classical cockfights use razor-sharp blades attached to the cocks’ natural spurs, Derby cockfights use artificial spurs that are less likely to injure or kill the birds.

Bloodless Cockfighting

As the name suggests, Bloodless cockfighting does not involve any bloodshed. This form of online sabong uses wooden knives instead of blades, and the object is not to kill or injure the other cock, but rather to score points by landing clean blows on specific parts of the body. Bloodless cockfighting has been gaining in popularity in recent years, as it is seen as a more humane alternative to traditional forms of online sabong.


There you have it! A brief overview of the different styles of online sabong. Whether you’re looking for a regulated system (Classical), a more private setting (Derby), or a bloodless option (Bloodless), there’s an online sabong game out there for you! So why wait? Try your hand at online sabong today!